Intro Editing Camera Sound VFX Wrap Up

Session Two: Editing and Continuity

Keaton edits

Wait...doesn't editing come last? Why are we starting HERE?!

We're starting with editing, because ultimately, everything is destined for the editing room. During our shoot, we gather great ingredients; editing is where we cook the meal. If you can understand what happens in editorial, then everything we cover after this will make much more sense.

1) A Little Context

2) The Mechanics and Environment of Editing

  • A Brief History of Editing Technology
  • Who's in the editing room, and what's their world like?
  • 3) Editing a Scene

  • Our Moviola: Adobe Premiere
  • Preparation
  • Watching Raw Dailies
  • The First Cut
  • A More Polished Version
  • Continuity, "The Line" and Size of Performance

  • Continuity
  • "The Line"
  • Scaling performance to camera
  • The Last and Most Important Thought


    Homework to do after this Session:

    Pick a movie scene that you find especially fascinating, and draw a scribbled representation of every single cut. Can you figure out how many set-ups the editor used? Think about how the editing told the story emotionally, and how the the editor chose different sizes of shots over the course of the scene. (HINT: Pick a scene that you enjoy and would like to learn from, because we'll be returning to it repeatedly for other assignments!)

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