Intro Editing Camera Sound VFX Wrap Up

Session One: Intro

1) Introduction to the workshop, and to each other

2) Overview

This workshop is NOT an acting class. We chose all of our participants by audition, and we believe that you have the tools to develop your characters and objectives and so on. Our goal is instead to help you explore how your work connects with that of all the other artists and craftspeople involved in the making of a movie. We want you to feel that you're in a safe environment to take risks, and to stretch yourselves, and to make mistakes, because those are the best ways to learn.

3) Shooting a Scene

We're going to shoot a single short scene all together. This is OUR approach. Every other director, every other set WILL be different. There are no rules, though by tradition, there are certain conventions. We're close to the classical model of filmmaking, though we have our own variations. (Along the way, we'll let you know some major things that might be different on other people's sets.)

Extra Resources, Follow-Up

We've started a list of books, videos and resources we think might be good supplements to the work we do in each session; please let us know if there are other things you think we should add. (Also please let us know if it's good to have this list at the end of each class session like this, or in one big master list, or both.)